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SWOS 2020/2021 Meetings


Unfortunately all meetings this year were cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic.   We will be commencing meetings again in 2021 when the pandemic has settled, currently we have no date or venue set yet for the summer meeting which will be around May/June but the winter meeting will be held on Friday 19 November 2021 at Clifton Pavilion, Bristol.

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SWOS 2019 Meetings


Latest details of the SWOS meetings for 2019 are now available in the meetings section» This will give details of venue, CDP points, downloadable flyer, speaker biographies when that information is made available.

Details of previous meetings are published in the relevant section»


SWGG 2018 Meeting - Cancelled


The SWGG meeting for 2018 was cancelled full details are given in the meetings section»

Details for 2019 will be posted here when available.




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Combined meeting with the Cetan Ophthalmology Section of the Medical society

Below is an initial announcement about a combined meeting with the Cetan Ophthalmology Section of the Medical society. This is being coordinated in UK by Adam Booth, Plymouth, and further details will follow. In addition there will be a UK SWOS meeting in June 2019, probably Bath. Date and place to be confirmed.
On behalf of the board of the Ophthalmology Section of Cretan Medical Society, I would like to invite you to a joint meeting on the 20/6/2019 - 23/6/2019, at Heraklion Crete.
This is going to be the third time we organize a combined meeting with the SWOS. The previous ones (one in Chalkidiki in 2005 and one in Crete in 2009), were very successful.
Every year, we organize the Cretan Hands-on In Ophthalmology meeting, which is a four day course in various ophthalmic surgical procedures. The meeting is a combination of tutorials and wet labs in lid, cataract, glaucoma surgery and vitreo-retinal procedures. The wet labs consist of  various stations, equipped with microscopes, 3D systems, anterior and posterior segment machines and all necessary disposables.
The tutorials take place in the morning (8-13:00)and the wet labs in the afternoon (2:30-5:90). Each station has one, (the appropriate) instructor, according to the type of surgery. The tutorials have usually the form of  round tables with case scenarios, questions /answers, as well as lectures. The official language of the meeting is English.
The attendees are mostly from Greece, Cyprus and Middle East. A rich social program will also be available. The participants this year will be the Cretan Ophthalmological Society and the Cypriot Ophthalmological Society so far and we are waiting for the reply from the European Fluorescein Club.
We hope that with your contribution this year, we will organize a wonderful meeting.
Kind Regards
George D Pappas
Consultant and Vitreoretinal Surgeon
President of the Hands on In Ophthalmology meeting